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Last November I got some cheese off the bucket list (at least cheese for those who are cool), by seeing Roxette in Barcelona at Palau Sant Jordi.  For at least 10 years I thought about it, wondering where I’d see them — what would be the context of the situation….Two Songs I always wondered where I’d be singing along with in concert…Church of Your Heart, and How Do You Do!?

Church of Your Heart was second encore, we’re outside, as my ailing old back can’t stand for 2 hours anymore, sitting there in Olympic Square, listening to that acoustic goodness, sportin’ our tickets.

Roxette in Barcelona

Roxette in Barcelona

How Do You Do, a song I’ve always thought would be a fine opener, we saw from the cheap seats (even though they weren’t cheap) —

Tapas, beaches, pumpkin pie, who needs it when you have Roxette :)

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