Frozen toes and twisted hands outside your window with the crazy plans-Throwing rocks ‘til your light comes on, comes on, come on April 2, 2012

Words are precious.  Time is precious.  Over the last year I’ve began to ponder just how many people in a business environment understand this.

Back when I was 25, I used to think the key to solving the worlds problems meant getting all the ‘smartest’ people in a room and hashing it out.  After years of sitting with the smartest people in a room, — my thoughts have changed.  I keep thinking, ‘what the heck, what’s going on, why is there lackluster progress on even the most simple things?’

Then it comes to thinkin’, dang, all these smart people can easily click ‘Create New Word Document’, hence these smarty pants can endlessly jockey for position on who’s word document is better (until the irreverent template comes along) — Which creates people talking to themselves….no clear stream of consciousness to be found.

I like social media b/c its totally ‘opt in.’  If people are spewing piss and vinegar, you can easily ‘mute’ them….When you’re in a mandatory meeting gone bad, the conversation pirates just go go go, disrespecting time and cheapening their words.

What will the world be like once social REALLY happens?  Think of the people and the institutions that fight for the labels to put on themselves…..I’m a *insert your political party*, *insert your sub-belief of this party*, *insert your religion*, *insert your nationality*, *insert your certifications*, *insert where you went to college*, etc, etc – Over time ‘spheres of influence’ will develop, and the people who are constructive, add value, ship product, have good vision, and can come up with good metaphor to describe complicated things will rise to the top and easily be able to connect with each other — This network will be an ‘expert network’ that doesn’t live in any enterprise, and the traditional networks and the cockroaches that often infest these traditional networks should commence shaking in their boots, because the fogger has went off, and its only a matter of time before they’re toast.  The rules will change to accommodate these communities while the old guard inadvertently stands in the way.  Systems thinkers will take the next round, and the institutions and academics won’t get it for a long time.

Meanwhile, millions of useless meetings will go on tomorrow all around the world — linear thinking rather than circular in dimension, solving detailed instead of dynamic problems, and the practitioners of these talks will still follow the time honored practice of following the rules and making smaller rules that fall within those rules.

There was a time when I thought you first had to master the rules before you break them, nowadays things change so rapidly you do what it takes on the fly to get things done and leave your outdated textbook at home.

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City of Words

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